Are you moving out of your business premises?

Take the stress out of moving by transferring your electricity supply with Next Business Energy.


Simply by giving us 5 business days’ notice, you can ensure that electricity is connected at your new business and switched off at your old business, ensuring a stress-free move.

To notify us of your move out, please fill in the form on this page and put ‘moving premises’ in the free text field along with:

• Your name and contact details
• Existing supply address and new supply address
• Account number (if known)
• Move out date
• Move in date

Some important points to remember

  1. When vacating your business premises, please advise us at least 5 business days in advance. This will avoid any charges for ongoing consumption after you have moved out.
  2. When moving out, please ensure that the meter is easily accessible so that we can obtain a final meter read and issue you with a final invoice for the site. If an agent, landlord or other person is responsible for the meter location, please speak to them about arranging meter access.
  3. You may be charged a reconnection or disconnection fee depending on where you live. If you connect your new site with Next Business Energy, we will waive these fees for you.
  4. Where possible please ensure the main fuse for the meter is turned off once power is no longer required at this site, this will aid in ensuring a safe and successful disconnection.
  5. Failure to provide 5 business days’ notice, may result in your premise being reconnected/disconnected after the required date.

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