"Service First, Always" ... that's our mantra

Next Business Energy has been built from the ground up to better service the Australian retail energy customer

Personalised account management

We believe for too long the energy retailing industry has only demonstrated an old fashioned service level. At Next Business Energy we have been built from the ground up to change all that. A new age to personalised, on shore servicing and support that sets us apart.

Building a culture of Service First, developed and implemented for a decade in our telecoms divisions, Next Business Energy only has you in mind.

We are here to change the energy industry

Imagine accessing your electricity retailer without waiting in a call queue? For many larger and multi-site customers accessing your very own personal account manage directly on their mobile? This part of the new service picture we have built at Next Business Energy.

We’ve even built what we consider the best on-line self-management program called NextConnect that enables full bill management, payment, data manipulation with real-time recommendations, budget control and so much more.

We even send you a weekly email update of your usage, estimated future billing amounts, comparisons and so much more.

"Service First, Always" is our mantra and as such we are here to change the industry and demonstrate that we can deliver exceptional personalised service levels to small and medium business.

Whether it’s enquiries on usage, billing, solar or battery options or even just about our industry, our trained staff are ready to talk with you and ensure you are fully informed.

Our key focus

Our key focus is to deliver state-of-the-art products and services only targeting small medium and large business customers that includes:

  • Personalised account management services for multiple site customers
  • Fast Response service platforms for all customer engagement
  • Simple competitive pricing and pricing options
  • Advanced energy billing options that include single billing, multi-site billing, group site billing and even group site billing with site read only invoicing
  • Multiple electronic interface billing options
  • On-line service and billing management
  • Weekly specialised reporting on usage, projected costs, comparison to similar site profile and much more
  • Value added services such as Solar, LED lighting, HVAC, and Power Factor correction are all part of our program to deliver real long-term savings to our customers