A new era of business energy services

Delivering the best, state-of-the-art energy billing services in Australia

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NextConnect is our state-of-the-art on-line portal not quite seen in our industry

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Aiming to be a leader in sustainable and renewable energy by supporting new solar farms and rooftop solar

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Let's take a fresh approach to power

Personalised service and tailored products that actually help you manage your electricity and reduce the amount you pay.

Introducing you to a new era of business-only electricity services

Next Business Energy delivers the best in energy services, price and billing

With the changing landscape of Australia's energy service providers, Next Business Energy is designed to deliver the best in service, price and billing available in the market. A personalised and customised account management service that’s second to none.

Next Business Energy has assembled the best technical and billing resources, implemented state-of-the-art billing services and expanded its customer services so that your business can experience a new, fresh approach to energy. Our careful management of thousands of varying businesses electricity needs, means that the customers who leave their energy services in our hands, stay with us.

Ensuring our customers experience the best service and are always a step ahead

Our customer base is vast and sophisticated. Whether it's multiple retail sites, major legal offices or manufacturing entities, Next Business Energy’s enviable client base speaks not only about our ability to deliver best in billing and service, but how we work with our valuable customers to ensure they’re always a step ahead.

Managed by a loyal team of vastly experienced energy professionals – all managers with over twenty years in their field, your business needs to consider moving from the large incumbents and experience "Service First, with us, Always."


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Put yourself in the driver's seat with nextconnect
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How to reduce energy consumption and save money
Next Business Energy | How to reduce your energy consumption and save money

State-of-the-art energy services

Next Business Energy's services for small, medium and large businesses
  • Very competitive cost pricing
  • Personalised account management services for multiple site customers
  • Fast Response service platforms for all customer engagement
  • Simple competitive pricing options
  • Value added services are all part of our program to deliver real long-term savings to our customers
  • Multiple electronic interface billing options
  • On-line service and billing management
  • Weekly specialised reporting on usage, projected costs, comparison to similar site profile and much more
  • Advanced energy billing options that include single billing, multi-site billing, group site billing and even group site billing with site read only invoicing

Take a fresh approach to power

It's time for a fresh approach. We've built our business on it. Personalised service and tailored products that help you manage electricity bills and reduce the amount you use and pay.

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Big savings for all our customers

Don’t get caught by unrealistic discounts or incentives that may lead to you paying more in the long run. We offer competitive, and transparent prices, with simple billing.

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Real-time control for your business

Imagine real-time control over your energy usage and forecasting enabling even greater cost savings. At Next Business Energy we believe in giving control back to the people!

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Let us take care of your electricity bills and give you the service, price and rewards your business deserves.